West Yellowstone is the gateway community that serves the West Entrance of Yellowstone National Park. The town traces its beginning to the arrival of the railroad that was built specifically to provide passenger service for Yellowstone visitors. Learn about the fascinating history of this town!

Horses and Stagecoaches: A Rough, Dusty Ride to Yellowstone: Learn about the travels of visitors prior to the arrival of trains.

Laying Tracks into Town: The railroad line from Idaho to West Yellowstone was completed in 1907 with the first tourists arriving in 1908.

Open for Business! Several businesses were ready for tourists in 1908; others quickly followed.

The Town Grows and Changes: Snow, roads, an airport… the town responds to changing demands.

From a Confused Identity to Incorporation: The town builds a school, achieves incorporation, and settles on its name!

Preserving the Past & Looking Ahead: West Yellowstone is proud of its heritage and looks forward to a bright future.