The Yellowstone Historic Center appreciates our many supporters who help with our routine operations as well as special projects. Funds donated to the Yellowstone Historic Center are used for historic building restoration, exhibit development, archive work, growing our endowment, and special projects. We invite you to become a YHC supporter by contributing to one of these funds!

Exhibit Development Fund

Exhibits are the life and heart of every museum. Exhibits engage us, stretch our imaginations, and inspire us to learn. Well-crafted exhibits require adequate investment to conduct preliminary planning and research as well as professional fabrication and installation. Thanks to the support of dedicated people like you, the Yellowstone Historic Center is able to interpret the heritage of travel to Yellowstone through the many fine exhibits we have offered since the Museum first opened in 2001. Your continued support will enable us to provide new exhibits that reveal the compelling stories of travelers to Yellowstone and the people and industries that made travel possible.
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Annual Fund

Contributions to our Annual Fund allow us to keep museum admission prices low while paying for our daily operations. The Annual Fund supports museum staffing, paying the museum’s utility bills, and purchasing supplies for museum operations and other daily needs – all those things that are necessary for our organization’s survival. By contributing to the annual fund, you help ensure the continued success of the Yellowstone Historic Center.
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Archive Care Program

Your contributions to our archive program enable the purchase of archival supplies and support the hiring of an archivist to ensure we continue to manage our archives to the highest institutional standards. We have made great progress in inventorying our collections, but much work remains to be done. Help us maintain these standards and make our collections more accessible to researchers and other interested parties.
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The Endowment

To help ensure our long-term success, the Yellowstone Historic Center has established a permanent endowment. The endowment will grow to support projects and operations in years to come, giving life and energy to YHC’s long-term visions. The fund has already received significant contributions. For details concerning the management of this fund, please call us at 406-646-7461 or e-mail .
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YHC is a 501(c)3 not-for- profit organization, so all or part of your cash or in-kind donation may be tax deductible, depending on the purpose and type of your donation. Please check with your personal tax advisor to ensure you receive the tax benefits to which you may be entitled.