Yellowstone Aflame: Watch the destruction and rebirth caused by the great Yellowstone fires of 1988.
Earthquake of 1959: Real footage and hear first hand accounts of the 1959 Hebgen Lake earthquake tragedy
Dudes and Sagebrushers: Learn about early travel through Yellowstone National Park.
Above Yellowstone: Get a view from above in the first-ever aerial tour of Yellowstone National Park. Learn about Yellowstone’s natural wonders, the history of its geology, Native Peoples, and wildlife.


Walking Tours

Enjoy a guided tour of West Yellowstone’s Union Pacific Railroad Historic District. A museum attendant will lead you through the district, which includes stops at the 1908 Depot, the 1925 Dining Lodge designed by architect Gilbert Stanley Underwood, and several other sites. Please check with our museum staff for a walking tour schedule.

Gilbert Stanley Underwood's 1925 Dining Lodge. Photo by Laurel Gibbons
Underwood’s 1925 Dining Lodge. Photo by Laurel Gibbons.