The Stagecoach shelter, located between the baggage building and the dining lodge, was constructed in 1928. This served as a protected location for exhibiting a stagecoach. Stagecoaches were initially used to transport people into the park from distant locations, such as Monida or Virginia City. Following the arrival of train service to West Yellowstone, stagecoaches met the train passengers at the depot and visitors made their trip into Yellowstone National Park aboard stagecoaches.

In August 1915, cars were permitted in the park, marking the beginning of the end of stagecoach service.┬áBy 1917, cars and buses had replaced stagecoaches on Yellowstone’s roads. The stagecoach exhibit was a reminder of this earlier mode of visitor transportation.

The stagecoach shelter is an open-sided, single-story, hip-roofed structure. The roof is supported by four full-round, unpeeled logs resting on concrete footings. The roof structure is made from peeled full-round logs, and the roof is wood shingles.

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